Why They So Envious?  Xpression x YellowBunny

Coachella Valley Hip-hop artist Xpression aka Xpression The M.C. teamed up with
female rapper YellowBunny from Vancouver, Canada and Ener from Kryptic
Reign Music on new single “Envy Me” produced by IAM Fariel.

Envy me comes off as an aggressive rap song wrapped in a blanket of anger and dark persona.
From the jump it has a very gloomy feel with the first opening verse from xpression “Grim Reaper here
to take your soul, reap what you sow, still reaping all the benefits while holding the throne.” Seems as
though it’s directed towards something or someone perhaps. In the hook we hear “All my Enemies are
friends to me, get my energy from feeding off their jealousy” Xpression is clearly implying here that
someone close to him or someone he may have considered a good friend is clearly envious of his

YellowBunny on the second verse has a more laid-back approach with her flow yet still very fierce in her
lyrics. “I’ve been feeding off the jealousy, then why the fuck they message me, they stalking me and
texting me I’m not your fukin bestie, we don’t even fuckin talk.” The bunny isn’t holding back and she is
definitely letting her haters know she isn’t here to play around. Xpression linked up with YellowBunny
after hearing her perform a couple songs on his Instagram live, he was impressed with her artistry and
moved by her personal backstory and felt a collaboration was appropriate.

Ener takes the last verse on the record and summarizes the whole synopsis, as the song concludes he
ends with a bridge before the final hook “They Mad cause I’m off with they soul, they envy me cause I’ve
taken the throne. “Also, with a darkish feel to his part “You be fighting demons, I shook hands with mine
a lot of muthafukers didn’t wanna see us in our prime.” Ener has no fear and isn’t afraid to get his hands
a little dirty. Xpression and Ener have been working together for years under the music label Kryptic
Reign Music and we are told they will be giving us more heat soon.

Listen to Envy Me on Spotify, Apple Music , Pandora , Tidal and More.

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