Why You Should Book A Private Jet Through The Jet King

When we hear the term “royalty” we immediately think of people who were born of royal blood or status. These days, customer service-based businesses have realized supreme service is not limited to the royal family when it comes to retaining your customers.  Successful businesses have realized that nothing remains intact without giving your customers a top-tier experience. Repetition of formulas when it comes to customer care, does not guarantee loyalty. It is all about being different, standing out, and treating customers like kings and queens- like royalty. This is why the motto of Jet King International is “Travel Like Royalty”, because every client deserves the luxury of a first-class experience.

Jerry Mitchell Jr., famously known in the private aviation industry as the Jet King, is the founder of Jet King International, an organization that sells and charters private business jets. The business provides elite services to its diverse clientele, actively planning and organizing luxury experiences for professional athletes, entertainers, and high-level business executives. It is by practicing and performing excellence in customer relations that the Jet King has managed to expand his network of high-profile clientele. His customers admire how he interacts with them on a personal level, and the strategies he uses to discover their individual interests and expectations. But what is the Jet King’s secret to keep clients coming back for more?

At Jet King International, every customer is treated like family. By approaching everyone with this mindset, Jerry Mitchell Jr. is able to connect with them more effectively and gradually earn a desired level of trust. He is trained to meet and exceed customer’s expectations by going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. New members are treated like returning guests, made to feel like they are at home. Inevitably, customers translate this spirit and optimism as a royal experience, a cue that makes each of them loyal to this establishment.

His years of experience in this forever evolving industry has taught the Jet King to be aware of the current trends and adapt to them while always staying true to his core values. Every customer has different needs and desires for the perfect travel experience. The Jet King discovers the priorities of each individual client by conducting a thorough customer needs analysis to find out each client’s preferences, requirements, and desired budget. Jet King International goes the extra mile by offering catering, ground transportation, and security to clients. Jerry Mitchell Jr. has learned that effective communication strategies and asking the right questions can lead to better customer satisfaction, while also going above and beyond by developing a personal relationship with them. The royal status is maintained when the Jet King confidently knows exactly what his clients want and need by paying extreme attention to detail, understanding what his clients’ expectations are, and executing the plan to perfection.

Jerry Mitchell Jr. knows how valuable relationships are when it comes to client retention and satisfaction. He believes that every client deserves the honor and privilege to “Travel Like Royalty”.   

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