Worldarama: From Ill Distracxion to Grindhardtv – A Journey in Music 

Worldarama, the CEO of, is celebrating the 19th anniversary of his groundbreaking  music platform. Since the 90s, Worldarama, formerly a member of the group Ill Distracxion, has  been deeply involved in the music industry, captivating audiences with his records, live  performances, and media appearances. Over the years, he has released numerous singles,  mixtapes, LPs, EPs, music videos, and even produced hundreds of TV episodes. Furthermore, he  has successfully managed artists and marketed the popular independent clothing line Madsoul from  2001 to 2004. 

But let’s fast forward to the present. Worldarama has recently dropped a new single titled “Go Bay  Bay,” a poignant track that reflects his experiences and challenges in dealing with the complexities  of raising three sons from different mothers. The song delves into the emotional rollercoaster that  

comes with managing three different relationships while striving to be a devoted father. In a  shocking revelation, Worldarama recently discovered that one of his children is not biologically his,  further intensifying the familial drama that inspired “Go Bay Bay.” 

Although Worldarama’s story may not be unique, it resonates deeply with countless individuals who  find themselves entangled in bitter breakups and court battles over their children. Through his  music, Worldarama provides both entertainment and insightful commentary on these relatable  struggles. Audiences can access his diverse discography and view his content on,  a platform that has become a hub for Worldarama’s artistic expression. 

The journey of Worldarama in the music industry began when he joined the group Ill Distracxion.  Subsequently, he embarked on a career as a hip-hop dancer for Lady of Rage before evolving into a  self-proclaimed hip-hop historian. Reflecting on his journey, Worldarama expresses gratitude for  being part of the hip-hop scene for over 30 years, acknowledging the happiness and privilege he  feels for remaining relevant in the ever-evolving industry. 

One significant milestone in Worldarama’s career was the inception of Grindhardtv, which he co founded with videographer Inf Mega in May 2004. The idea for the platform emerged when Inf  recognized Worldarama’s exceptional business acumen within their crew. The two worked together  to bring Grindhardtv to life, and it made its television debut on Christmas Day 2004. Worldarama  views this annual occurrence as a symbolic new beginning for Grindhardtv. 

After several years, Inf Mega decided to pursue his own ventures with his platform, Inf Mega Films,  leaving Worldarama to steer the ship of Grindhardtv solo for the past 15 years. He proudly asserts  that he is Grindhardtv and that Grindhardtv is him—a testament to his unwavering dedication to the  platform. Presently, Worldarama is actively promoting not only his own record, “Go Bay Bay,” but 

also the new releases from King Lyrical and Blue Diaz, with whom he collaborated on the track. 

The impact of Worldarama’s music extends beyond the studio and resonates deeply with his  personal achievements. Above all, he cherishes the gift of fatherhood and considers it one of his  most memorable accomplishments. However, the revelation that one of his children is not  biologically related to him has added an additional layer of complexity to his experiences. It is these  personal relationships and life experiences that continue to inspire Worldarama’s music, making it a  genuine reflection of real-life situations. 

Worldarama’s latest single, “Go Bay Bay,” serves as a testament to the trials and tribulations of life.  Its authentic

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