WunTayk Timmy speaks about the creative process behind his upcoming song “Mr Rap”

The music industry can always be seen to be churning out new talents, however, only a few of them are able to create an influence that matters. WunTayk Timmy, a native of Louisville, Kentucky is definitely one who fits the bill, as a rap and hiphop star.

WunTayk Timmy has been connected with the music industry for quite a short time and has had several hit EPs such as UnderDawg and albums like Don’t Be Mad. All the songs are available on major music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Youtube Music, Apple Music, SoundCloud and many more. Infact, fans of WunTayk Timmy are soon to be given a surprise, keep reading to find out!

Have you ever thought about the behind the scenes of creating a hit song? It is easy to assume that with experience it becomes easier to make better hits, however songwriting as a process takes a lot of time and effort to make it good regardless of how long you have been in the industry or what connections you have. This is why WunTayk Timmy always believe in making music based on something that he has himself experienced and nose will reciprocate with others. According to WunTayk Timmy his best lyricism and composition comes as a result of being in a place of hurt and pain. Like most other people inhabiting this world, WunTayk Timmy has had some traumatic experiences in the past. The death of his brother was one such event, which led to long-term mental health issues. WunTayk Timmy suffered from depression for a long time before he decided to finally channel this energy into creating music. In this manner, it is not only he who has benefited from making music, but also the music industry which has seen some good work due to unfortunate circumstances in WunTayk Timmy’s life. “I mourn his loss to this day, but I like to think my brother would have wanted me to move on and use what happened as a learning experience.”, WunTayk Timmy further explains.

A similar energy has been used to create WunTayk Timmy’s upcoming song “Mr Rap”. “Mr Rap”, which is short for “Make Rappers Rap Again” is an initiative taken to bring back the glory of the rap industry and make underrated artists create an influence on a global scale. The song which is created in collaboration with DJ Scream is soon to be officially released in September.

WunTayk Timmy is just on the cusp of making his name as a global talent. Make sure to support him on this journey by following his social media profiles today!

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