Young and Hungry: Meet Christian Rapper HYLEM

Christian Hip-Hop Artist HYLEM is making a BIG Impact in a very short amount of time. At just 16 years old this rising star has worked with Christian Recording Artists MvkeyyJ, Rockstar JT, DEON and Xay Hill. He has also been heavily mentored by Billboard Charting Artist and Producer Jude Barclay and many others. We talked with HYLEM and asked him what was the first song he created and he said, “Haha I’m embarrassed to say this but my first song is called “great” and let’s just say I’ve came a very long way in a year lol.” We also asked him who his inspirations are and he said, “My inspirations are Toby Mac, Jude Barclay, The Kid Laroi, and The Bible. I don’t like doing anything without God’s approval and reading the Bible helps my creative flow.”

HYLEM is widely known for his high energy and superb vocal range at such a young age. CHH has taken him in and he is very popular across the community. He has so many different styles so it’s hard to box him into one thing. He’s done some Pop, Trap, R&B, and even Pop Rock. This young artist has so much ahead of him and in due time will be a name amongst the greats. He is in The CHH Community but is much more than a Christian Artist, his music is so relatable to people outside the faith that HYLEM will likely reach ears beyond believers, and could begin to bring the world to Christ in a major way. He told us he has 28 Songs and 2 Albums in the vault so be on the look out for a ton of music from him this year.

HYLEM is one of the best young artists in the world today and with the drive he possesses, nothing can stop him from greatness. Follow him on Instagram (@hylem.official)

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  1. I totally agree with everything said, this man is an amazing artist. I found him about 4 months ago and have been listening to him ever since. He has a good voice and I appreciate how he honors God yet makes the music relatable. I appreciate everything you do HYLEM. You and Joseph Goulding did an amazing job on In my Head one of my favorite songs that you guys do together along with In my Bag. My whole fam is now hooked on your music. as a 14 year old boy there are a lot of things I’m dealing with but HYLEM your music helps me out, Appreciate everything you do!!!

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