Young Cardi Is The Biggest Thing In Monaco

Leonardo Schlereth (A.K.A Young Cardi) is something VERY exciting that’s coming out of Monaco. His sound is actually refreshing among a sea of “Soundalikes”.

With sonics influenced by Kanye West and JuiceWRLD – and with XXX and Juice unfortunately out of the picture, Young Cardi looks like he could really be up next. There aren’t many artists with such versatility, fresh youthful energy and impactful melodies in the game right now.

His next single “DRAMA” will be accompanied by a music video, which is slated to be his biggest release yet. And with songs surpassing 2 million streams, that’s a tall order… But young Cardi is known for filling these types of feats.

As an independent artist, it’s clear he’s already beating out 99% of others in his cohort. He’s already topped 5 million streams across platforms and has even risen to the top 50 for six consecutive weeks.

We are waiting with bated breath to see what Young Cardi does next. We have no doubt that “DRAMA” will be something very special for us all to enjoy.

Connect with Young Cardi below:




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