Zell Music Creates Legacy Through His Music

Music is a medium of storytelling quite unlike any other. The structure and rhythm of songs as a medium give them an aspect of consumption that other mediums such as movies, books, and TV shows lack: repetitive consumption. You can listen to the same song ten times in a row; you cannot watch the same movie ten times in a row. 

In the amazing world of music artistry, there is a name that every music enthusiast, especially fans of hip hop, should be looking out for Zell Music. Zell Music is one of the hottest up-and-coming producers and songwriters in all of the hip-hop industry. 

Working his magic from out of Houston, Texas, if you haven’t heard of Zell, you most definitely have heard his work. Where, you ask? Most modern hip-hop fans are fans of Young Thug. You may have also heard Thuggers hit song ‘You Said’ featuring Quavo. Sick beat, right? Well, that beat was produced by none other than Zell Music.

As someone that started drumming at the tender young age of 4 and rapping at the age of 9, Zell has been around music for a long time. Zell started writing and producing his stuff at the age of 15 and, 13 years later, he is only getting better. 

Inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Zell Music has deep roots in the world of hip-hop and has expanded his songwriting and production far beyond traditional hip-hop, although he can do that just as well. 

So, if you’re looking for a classy, innovative beat to go with your lyrics, need help writing a specific message into lyrics, or are looking for the next big thing and looking to start listening to them before the hype comes in (and it will), Zell Music is the place to look. 

Zell Music most recently released his newest single “One More Chance” and it’s doing very well! His fans can’t get enough of the song and Zell does a flawless job at showing his musical inclined talents yet again. One More Chance is available on all music platforms. Connect and Tap in with Zell Music.

Zell is set to release his debut album “Back To My Roots” in January 2022. For six weeks the album will be available exclusively for presale on his website ZellMusic.com before dropping everywhere. Zell has shown he is talented in music but is a business man first and this is definitely an entrepreneurial move as he has the fan base to drop his music like this. Zells fans are loyal and love when he releases new content. His new project will incorporate a mix of R&B, HipHop, Gospel, Reggaeton, & Pop music.

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