A Glistening Dream-like State Emerges on NA SILVA’s FADED

NA SILVA occupies a glowing, pristine universe on “FADED.” The song is like the comedown experience after a night of heavy partying. So much of it has this blurred beauty, from the swell of the chords to the little elements of percussion that weave their way into the procession. Beats have a laid-back, slow ethos to them. The atmosphere is of the essence, for it exists in this sort of liminal space, simultaneously familiar yet somehow a bit off. Verses on here further add to this sense of place. He keeps his delivery attuned to his surroundings with a steady pace, which has this surreal dazed aspect.

The song takes its time to get fully started. For a while, the chords waft on up into the distance. Even when the beats enter the equation, he brings this elegance to the forefront. His rhymes are lovely as it has this tenderness to them. When the chorus hits, it adds a sense of the communal, like sharing a space with strangers that have their own lives going on. So much of it has this creativity to it, for the verses begin to increase in their scope, one that takes on the rest of the world. An exploratory experience makes sure that the song ends in a relatively mellowed-out way.

FADED” revels in NA SILVA’s ability to craft an entire moment with such care.

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