An Overview of Rising Star 937-Té’s Career

937-Té, also known as Té, is a rising hip-hop artist from Dayton, Ohio, who has been making waves in the music industry with his unique sound and style. His musical influences include Lil Wayne, Future, Fetty Wap, Lil Uzi Vert, and K Camp, all of whom have inspired him to create his own brand of music.

Describing his music as “different and unique,” Té’s creative process involves finding beats that he likes and using them to create new songs. He also tries to convey real-life situations through his music, with a focus on hope, inspiration, and motivation.

Té’s latest single, “Slatt,” which he dropped last month, is a reflection of his 2021 lifestyle. While he hasn’t worked on any collaborations or features yet, he’s constantly working on his music, and his fans eagerly anticipate new releases.

Social media plays a crucial role in promoting Té’s music and engaging with his fans. He uses platforms like Instagram and Twitter to showcase his music, sharing stories and posts to keep fans updated on upcoming songs and projects.

With a long-term goal of making hit records and winning awards, Té has had some milestones in his career, including over 100k streams total in 2022. He also shares personal experiences through his music, such as his song “Decisions,” which he released in 2018, reflecting on his situation with his baby’s mother.

Té’s music has a message that resonates with his fans, and he hopes to continue inspiring and motivating his listeners in the years to come.

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