ATL’s New Household Name KMG Kokish

In a recent interview – KMG Kokish, a rising star from Atlanta known for his unique musical style, discussed the milestones and turning points that have contributed to his success. One of the pivotal moments in KMG’s career was when he began to see financial returns from his music, which fueled his motivation to continue pursuing his passion as an artist. KMG has also utilized his personal experiences as inspiration for his music, including writing songs dedicated to his wife.

Q.)Can you walk us through your creative process?

Well of course, I start off by listening to a beat and if it’s fit my energy I will begin with a freestyle. And then adjust my lyrics to fit the track.

Q.) What message or themes do you try to convey through your music?

“That everyone has a special story to tell.

Q.) Can you tell us about your latest project/album/single and the inspiration behind it?

Lock’N is my latest single and the inspiration for that was.

Q.) Can you speak to any collaborations or features you’ve worked on?

Yes, I collab with many artists like Joe Green, Mechi and many more.”

Q.) How do you stay inspired and motivated as an artist?

Reading fan mail and looking at people reaction when I drop my song.

Q.) How do you use social media and online platforms to promote your music and engage with your fans?

By uploading video, new music, and teaser.

Q.) How do you maintain authenticity and individuality in your music?

By not having a lot of influencer around me while I make in the studio.

Q.) How do you balance your personal life with your music career?

By building me a home base studio.

Q.) Can you describe any milestones or turning points in your career?

Yes, most definitely will it was actually when I seen money getting my from my songs.

Q.) Can you speak to any personal experiences you’ve shared through your music?

Yes, I have wrote a couple of songs that’s dedicated to my wife.

Q.) Can you describe any long-term goals or aspirations you have for your music career?

My musical long term goal is to become a house hold name.


KMG’s latest single, “Lock’N,” was inspired by his life experiences and his desire to share his story with others. Through his music, KMG aims to convey the message that everyone has a unique story to tell and to keep persevering until you achieve your goals.

For bookings, press inquires or features: KMGKOKISH@GMAIL.COM

KMG has long-term aspirations of becoming a household name in the music industry, and he has maintained his authenticity and individuality through his dedication to his craft and collaborations with other artists. His success is a testament to his independent hustle and relentless drive to establish himself as a prominent figure in the Atlanta music scene.

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