Blizz – Rising Contemporary R&B Star from Texas

Blizz, whose real name is William Goodson, is an up-and-coming Contemporary R&B artist from Texas. He is a rising star in the music industry, drawing inspiration from Chris Brown, Drake, and Bryson Tiller. Blizz’s sound is a unique blend of Contemporary R&B, pop, and rap, and his music has already garnered him a loyal fan base.

In an interview, Blizz spoke about his creative process, saying that he first searches for the beat or sound he is feeling at the moment. He then loads it up into his DAW, sets up his vocal chain, and hits record. Blizz says that he likes to sing about his experiences with love and heartbreak, and this is the message that he tries to convey through his music.

Blizz’s latest project, “Midnight on Mercury,” was a collaborative effort with other artists. It was a project that Blizz wanted to create to experiment with his sound and be free. Blizz has also worked on other collaborative projects, including his album “Abduction,” which he describes as effortless magic.

Blizz says that he stays inspired and motivated as an artist by being vulnerable. By being vulnerable, he allows himself to have more real deep experiences, which he can then write about if he chooses. He uses social media and online platforms to promote his music and engage with his fans, asking for input and getting everyone involved in the process.

Blizz maintains authenticity and individuality in his music by just being himself. He does not know how to be anyone else. He balances his personal life with his music career by knowing what things are meant to share and what things are not. Blizz’s ultimate long-term goal is to write a song for a major artist, and he hopes that listeners take away from his music experiences that they can relate to and that sound good.

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