Bun Bydaway: The Top 3 Digital Platforms to Scout for Budding Musical Talents

Digitalization and social media have paved the way for aspiring artists to showcase their talents and get discovered. This has also created a new way for music label owners, like Bun Bydaway, to scout for artists. Here are three platforms where, Bun says, music producers and artists actively connect. 

  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the top websites where new artists prefer uploading their work. You can search for the artist directly or for the genre, album, song, and even podcast. SoundCloud also displays a list of trending music and here, recruiters can find good artists and bands. As this platform is extremely popular globally, a producer can also find international artists. Bun says, “SoundCloud is your go-to platform if you are looking for specific niches of music as well.”  

  1. ReverbNation 

If you want to know where all the hip artists are, they’re probably on ReverbNation. It is a social media platform for all music lovers and a great place to discover new music. The platform allows audiences to pay artists and like and promote them. Bun Bydaway mentions, “As a producer, you can find popular artists who already have an audience base or lookout for the underdogs. This platform can also help you communicate with artists and understand them better.” ReverbNation also allows the audience to find the trending artists from their county and listen to their music.  

  1. Bandcamp

This platform has gained immense popularity in recent times as the pandemic-induced-lockdown allowed artists to create more content. Artists can also sell their custom merch on this platform, even if they have a small group of fans. Moreover, fans can directly pay and promote the artists. The website is extremely user-friendly and even allows for website integration, if it was created with Bandzoogle. 

Bun Bydaway says, “Top social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are also great for discovering new artists. You can also find an artist on Twitter and dig deeper into their work on another platform.” Overall finding new talent is tough but sometimes, you can discover music that will make all your struggle worthwhile.

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