Buzzing Chicago Recording Artist Dion32 Drops 5 Song EP “Out The Mud”

Hailing from the West Side of Chicago, Dion32 is an up-and-coming recording artist who is making waves in the music industry with his unique sound and captivating lyrics. With a stage name that combines his middle name “Dion” with the number “32,” which was given to him by his big brother Lilwoadie, Dion32 has quickly gained a reputation for his raw and authentic approach to music.

Dion32’s journey in music began just two years ago when he started making music, and his first song was a collaboration with his cousin Lil M back in 2017 called “Mad at Me.” Since then, he has been honing his craft and building his fan base with his distinct style, which he describes as “32 flow” rather than simply drill, a genre commonly associated with Chicago’s music scene. 

One of Dion32’s main inspirations for his music comes from the environment around him, as he draws from his own experiences growing up in Chicago. He credits the support of his family, including his sister, dad, auntie, and close friends Juju and Lo, as his biggest supporters in his musical journey. His dad, in particular, has been a guiding force in teaching him how to write and structure his songs, making him appreciate the art of creating authentic music.

In addition to his family and friends, Dion32 has had the opportunity to work with other artists and producers in the industry, including gmo, whose collaboration has had a significant impact on his music career. Dion32 speaks highly of gmo, describing him as someone who has helped shape his mindset about the music industry.

Looking towards the future, Dion32 has dreams of collaborating with other artists, such as GHebro and Future, and is open to exploring different opportunities, including record deals or distribution deals, if the terms are right. While he is not currently signed to a label, Dion32 has a dedicated team supporting him as he continues to navigate the music industry and pursue his passion.

Dion32’s music is not only characterized by his unique style, but also his ability to come up with his own video concepts, showcasing his creativity and artistic vision. He takes pride in being involved in all aspects of his music, from writing his own lyrics to developing his own visual content.

As an underground rapper from Chicago’s West Side, Dion32 is determined to make his mark in the music industry with his authentic and relatable music. He continues to work hard and build his fan base, driven by his passion for music and the support of his loved ones. With his distinct sound, genuine lyrics, and unwavering dedication to his craft, Dion32 is a rising recording artist to watch out for in the music industry.

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