Collaborations boost career, relationships, ZoeBaby101 says

ZoeBaby101 has worked with myriad other artists including John Wicks, Big Fredo and Lil Snipe on many of his works, and he appreciates the collaboration immensely, most importantly his teaming with his homeboy” Gank Gaank.”

He’s connected with other artists since, and continues to make deep connections with other artists through music, Gank Gaank, with whom he worked on the songs “Ventin” and “Victims,” holds a special place.

While many songs are freestyle, on the fly, sometimes, it takes a village.

“I ain’t gonna lie, there’s this one song, one that I dropped. It’s a story,” he said. But his bandmates started with the beat. They went into the studio and collaborations happened.

Toward the end of 2021, he was named to Broward County’s Top 15 – likely celebrated with his set of gold teeth – along with Gank Gaank, with whom he has often collaborated.

While he remains unsigned to a label, he’s working with artists from across the globe, which augments his Haitian background, which injects a welcome bit of West Indies flair into his works, paying tribute to his Haitian roots.

He feeds on energy

He performs best when he is surrounded by a live audience and an equally electrified band,” he said. “I’m based on energy.”

“I’m passionate about anything I do because I put my all into everything I do,” ZoeBaby101. Music, with its intimacy and raw realism, “was a little difference because that’s how I express myself. I’ve had a hard time with that.”

He needs energy to feed off of, especially in the studio, and somethings a lack of it will cause him to leave the studio.

In other cases, he will dig deep and find it within himself, “but me I’m real competitive, too,” he said. “So, if there ain’t no energy there you drop that song enough, I’m coming to see about that.”

He’s worked to hard to give up.

“It took a lot of grind. There’s ain’t no room for slacking. Everyday you’ve got to do something for your craft. If you sit back, it’s going to go past you. You can’t miss nothing, skip no beats, you just have to make it happen.”

“I’m not a goal-setting kind of guy,” he said. “Every time I try to plan something, nothing goes as planned, so I just take it day by day.”

But he has two daughters, now 5 and 8, and they helped him find his way off the streets and into the music studio by making him want to be a more responsible man, a better dad. “The proudest moment of my career is when I hear my daughters rapping my songs word for word,” he said. “That right there just melts my heart.”

He has been rewarded with a successful indy career that finds him on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Shazam, YouTube and other music platforms.

“Pull Up” – which is available in both short and long versions – has a gorgeous introduction, and it talks about the changes in rap and hop-hip since Biggy made it dominant on the streets of New York. And while ZoeBaby101 misses his predecessor, the Notorious B.I.G opened doors for a new generation of artists who support one another as they rise to the top. There also understand certain issues associated with notoriety or fame, as newfound friends pop out of the woodwork and it becomes difficult to know who to trust, both in an out of the industry.

ZoeBaby101 has surrounded himself with strong people to back him and his work.

Music Cathartic for ZoeBaby101

For ZoeBaby101, music is a medium that gives him a voice in a world where many people with his background go voiceless.

“I love music because through music I can speak to people and even help them get through their situation,” he added.

His most recent release is the 2022 single “It’s Lonely at the Top.”

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