Dear Callie’s Music Is Making Its Way Into TV Shows

In addition to Dear Callie’s unique approach to music-making, she has also found success in music placements on the popular show, Baddies West and Baddies South. The show, which stars Natalie Nunn and Christian Rock, has featured several of Dear Callie’s songs, including “Jewels,” “Banter,” “PSL,” and “Kisses, Hugs, Booty Rubs.” These placements have given Dear Callie a wider audience and have helped to build her fanbase.

All of the songs featured on Baddies West and Baddies South were produced by grammy-nominated producer Tasha Catour, and are available on all streaming platforms. Dear Callie’s success with these placements is a testament to her talent as a songwriter, and her ability to create music that resonates with a wide audience.

Dear Callie’s journey as a multi-genre songwriter navigating her way through the hip hop industry in Atlanta has been filled with challenges and opportunities. Her unique approach to music-making, through the creation of APOP music, has allowed her to carve out her own lane in the industry. Her success with music placements on Baddies West and Baddies South has helped to build her fanbase and solidify her position as a rising star in the hip hop world. As she continues on her journey, we can expect to see great things from Dear Callie in the future.

Listen to Dear Callie on Spotify and YouTube, and follow her on Instagram for any updates and new music!

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