Dog Daddy’s Journey in the Hip Hop Scene

Dog Daddy, a hip hop artist from Winnipeg, MB, has been making music for the past 30 years. He raps, mixes, selects for, and hypes his label WEST HAWK TAPES, and has collaborated with several other artists, including Strawberry Shorttemper, Yy, Bazooka Joe 204, UGGGY, and Lincoln Woods. His upcoming EP features these artists and showcases his unique sound in the hip hop genre.

One person he would like to work with is Roots Manuva, and his biggest supporters are his homies in Wpg, T dot, Botswana, and Welkom 057. Dog Daddy enjoys listening to various genres of music, including jazz, rap, grunge, and classical. His first song/project was “Bushido Bombs,” and he is currently working on two full-length albums, a remix EP, five mixtapes, and various tape releases.

Dog Daddy has performed for crowds ranging from 400 to over 1,000, including a big show in Toronto with Lillian Allen and the Parachute Club and a Nuit Blanche street performance. He can see himself on tour with Eyeda Sophia, and in five years, he aims to have 25 releases under his belt and earn 25k off sales.

Dog Daddy’s dedication to his craft and unique sound make him a standout in the hip hop scene. With his upcoming EP and numerous projects in the works, he is sure to continue making waves in the industry.

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instagram: @dogdadposse

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