Dvybez – Rising Atlanta Star

Dvybez, the rising music artist from Atlanta, is making waves in the music industry with his unique blend of trap, R&B, and pop music. His music is not just catchy and dance-worthy, but it also carries a positive and uplifting message. Dvybez is known for his ability to create ear candy that makes people sing along and even dance.

Dvybez’s creative process is spontaneous, and he lets his heart guide him. He believes that creativity is a gift from God, and the first thing that comes from his heart is what he goes with. He aims to create timeless music that is positive and uplifting, even if it’s a sad song.

Dvybez’s latest project, “You Know Dvybe 2,” is a mixtape that he poured his heart and soul into. He talked about his life journey, love life, and personal struggles. He believes that he has given his listeners more of himself with this project. The mixtape features his brother, Iam Will, on his hit single, “New Atlanta.” Dvybez also maintains his authenticity and individuality in his music by putting his own spin on things.

Despite his personal struggles and the challenges of balancing his personal life with his music career, Dvybez has had some significant milestones in his career. He has garnered 2.1k streams on his latest mixtape, and the video for “New Atlanta” has over 3.8k views. These numbers are a testament to his talent and hard work.

Dvybez’s long-term goals include selling out stadiums and arenas, and he’s not limiting himself because he believes his music doesn’t allow him to. He wants his listeners to take away what they feel and what touches them from his music. Dvybez is an artist on the rise, and his unique sound and positive message will undoubtedly take him far.


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