Gioisofficial Breaks Down His Producer Tag “Gio You Killed It”,

Gio you killed it, has been out here literally for quite a few years, but the new-generation of artists, from SoundCloud rappers to the next wave of Billboard chart-climbers, are still relying on him to craft the sonics permeating the streaming blocks. This year, the Dallas Native, beatmaker also showcased skills on his new album Rags to riches. Last month, Gio had a meeting with his management. They discussed a major career move. Gio’s management explained how he transitioned from hip hop to EDM in the same year. Gio aspires to do something other than produce. As a result, the two have decided that Gio will begin recording music next summer. Gio has always been interested in rapping, and he has already mastered the production side of things as a result, Gio shouldn’t be too affected by this modification.

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