What’s your name ?

Matthew Reed / Director Matthew Reed

Where are you from?

Chicago, IL 

When did you start writing plays?


Where can we find you mostly, in the studio or in the club?

You can find me in my Production studio M.Reed Studio Productions in chicago, IL 

Who is your childhood hero?

Batman and Superman 

What’s the best way for someone reading this to find you on social media, what’s your main platform? 

Instagram @Officialmatthewreed 

Do you have anything to share with the fans, any hints on new songs or collaborations? 

My new play is coming out in February in Chicago, IL titled Matthew Reed’s “I Remember” it’s about a young lady by the name of Molly Jenkins who’s played by Kirsty Warren and is also the Granddaughter of Grandpa Jenkins whose the face of the production company Played by myself “Matthew Reed but again Molly Jenkins, has this magical Remote that takes us back in time to experience and reminisce the Hard times and obstacles that she overcame to help encourage the viewer and audience on not give up in life and how she became the CEO that she is today this show should and will continue in this upcoming February 2022

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