1. What is your name/stage name?

Bombsquad Lil psycho

2. When is your birthday?

October 17 Libra gang

3. Where are you from?

North Carolina born and raised

4. What do you do?

Work work work, and make music, write a lot

5. How long have you been making music?

I been writing since forever, really haven’t been doing music that long maybe 5 years

6. What was your first song/project?

My first song I ever did was called nasty, we was playing around in the studio I’m like I like beat

7. Who’s your inspiration?

Honestly I admire Kehlani, her music, her work ethic, and her back story, also Missy Elliott, 2pac

8. What genre of music do you create?

I honesty don’t feel like I fit in a topic whatever mood I’m in that’s what your gonna get that day 

9. Do you come up with your video concepts?

Usually we do in house so my brother shoots them, but majority of the time we think about the song, what scenario best fits weather isn’t abandoned house or we just somewhere random

10. What was it like working with _____________

We did a show with Caskey it was really cool working with him and Performing for him he was a real down-to-earth person also Paul Wall

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