Introducing The Players Wine & Spirits Club: Sip with Your Favorite Athletes

“Enjoy Handpicked Wines, VIP Events, and Customized Perks Selected by Your Favorite Athletes”

Discover the perfect blend of sports and luxury with The Player’s Wine Club. Their unique monthly subscription service delivers exclusive wines and spirits chosen by your favorite athletes, both current and former. Members enjoy premium drinks, VIP event access, personal meet-and-greets with sports stars, game tickets, signed memorabilia and more. Haul up your love for sports and fine wines with a subscription that offers unforgettable experiences and top-quality beverages.

Discover the Players Wine & Spirits Club

Join a prestigious community that celebrates the artistry of fine wines alongside legendary athletes. Subscribing unlocks exclusive monthly selections of curated wines and spirits personally chosen by world-renowned sports icons who embody the spirit of greatness. Commence on a journey of taste and distinction with us today!

Exclusive Member Privileges You Get

Explore the exceptional benefits awaiting you as an esteemed member of their club. From exclusive events to personalized perks, your membership promises unforgettable experiences.

  • Access to exclusive events hosted by athletes: 

Enjoy intimate gatherings, tastings, and special events where athletes share their favorite wines and spirits, creating memorable experiences. These events provide a behind-the-scenes look into the world of sports and wine together.

  •  Meet-and-greet opportunities with sports icons:

Meet your sports idols in person, chat about their curated selections, and take photos to cherish these unique moments.

  • Special discounts on wines and spirits curated by athletes:

Benefit from exclusive pricing on a carefully selected range of wines and spirits made by athletes, ensuring exceptional quality and value.

  • Priority access to limited edition releases:

 Be among the first to acquire highly coveted releases, ensuring you can add these sought-after bottles to your collection without delays.

  • VIP seating and ticket options for sporting events:

Gain access to premium seating at The Players Wine Club and tickets for major sports events, enhancing your overall sports experience with top-notch views and amenities.

  • Signed memorabilia and merchandise offers:

Receive collectible items and exclusive merchandise personally signed by athletes, adding a special touch to your sports memorabilia collection. Each selection reflects their unique tastes, ensuring you enjoy quality beverages.

Premier Athlete-Curated Wine Collection

  • Curated Excellence: Their fine wine selection epitomizes excellence, featuring meticulously curated wines renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. 
  •  Diverse Range: Explore a diverse range of reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines at The Players Wine Club, sourced from prestigious vineyards and esteemed producers worldwide, personally selected by renowned athletes.
  •   Taste and Sophistication: Each bottle is chosen to offer a unique sensory experience, blending rich flavors, elegant aromas, and a distinct character that reflects the athletes’ discerning taste and dedication to providing the finest wines available. 
  •  Connoisseur’s Choice: Perfect for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, their selection caters to those who appreciate the artistry and dedication behind every bottle. Ideal for special occasions and enhancing everyday moments with amazing taste.

From the Founder/CEO

We’re thrilled to extend a warm welcome to new members of The Players Wine Club, where the thrill of sports meets the elegance of fine wine. Our vision is to build a unique community where enthusiasts can relish outstanding wines while celebrating the achievements of their sports idols, remarked Andy Charles, Founder and CEO of The Players Wine Club.

Experience the intersection of excellence in wine and sports with us. For more details and to join our community, please visit our website at(

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