Majeston – The Rise of a Musical Prodigy

Majeston, a southern trap/hip-hop artist from Austin, TX, is taking the music industry by storm. His music is a unique blend of emotions, beats, and lyrics that convey a message of hope and empowerment to his listeners. Majeston draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including Juice WRLD, Travis Scott, and Larry Nolan, and the Bandits (his grandfather).

Majeston’s creative process is one of a kind. He starts by getting in his car and cruising on the highway to feel the vibe of the night. He then comes up with a melody or hook that he takes back to his studio to put in a recording. Majeston then builds on the initial idea, lighting up to send himself into a creative flow until the song is complete. His music aims to break the set system that people in power have put in place, telling his listeners that they can change the world with their gifts.

Majeston’s latest project, Havona, is an EP inspired by his transition from a collegiate football career to a musical career. Havona is the universe from the book, The Urantia, which is where Majeston’s name comes from. The EP is a testament to his journey and his determination to pursue his passion for music.

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