Meet “Maya Manuela” The Tennessee Native Whose Hit Single “Multiverse” Is Taking Social Media By Storm

Maya Emmanuela Bennet – Known better by her professional name “Maya Manuela” is an emerging singer-songwriter with a loyal following of fans and has been releasing her music publicly for roughly half a decade now. Maya Manuela’s music is known for its relatable lyrics that truly and deeply resonate with her audience and isn’t held down to a specific tone or tempo. Her songs often revolve around the theme of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. Through her music, Maya has managed to create a sound that is uniquely her own while drawing inspiration from her musical influences. Since her original debut, she’s managed to build a loyal community of fans and followers such as her 23 thousand TikTok followers paired with nearly 1 million likes across the whole account and her Instagram which sits currently at 14.3 thousand followers. It’s thanks to these fans that the following was made possible. Maya Manuela does both covers such as “Because I Had You” and “Phone Down Lost Kings”, that showcase her ability to infuse her own sound into popular songs while still staying true to the original melody and lyrics. Apart from her covers she also has her own unique discography of originals. Some of her more dated originals include “Hey Love” and “I Never Will” each of which can be found on her personal Youtube account boasting over 16,000 total views. This is alongside her Topic account which houses her more recent releases such as “Mirror Room” an upbeat song about love released July 29th, 2022 and produced by “Phill Barnes”. “Way It Was” is another similar track surrounding the topic of love but this time, more specifically the aftermath of two lovers separating. These releases, continue to showcase her growth as an artist and her ability to create music that resonates with her audience.

Most recently she’s seen a significant uptake in engagement and overall streaming following her recent hit single “Multiverse” which has garnered over 100,000 views on her Youtube Topic page alone and Spotify is performing all the better surpassing over 2 MILLION streams since its original release 5 months ago: resulting in over 200,000 monthly listeners. The song has a slower tempo/melody and relatable lyrics about love and the possibility/idea of different universes have resonated with audiences across the globe, making it a fan favorite. Probably in partial thanks to that of the hit movie “Spider-man: Into The Spider-Verse” which introduced the idea to the masses in an easily digestible manner that coincidentally also has an amazing soundtrack that includes the smash hit “Sunflower” by Post Malone & Swae Lee sitting at over 3 BILLION views on Youtube at the time of this articles writing. Maya Manuela’s song “Multiverse” also produced by Producer/Songwriter “Phil Barnes” is being hailed by critics as her breakout hit. Some are even making the comparisons between Maya Manuela and the iconic Taylor Swift, a renowned pop icon known for her catchy melodies and relatable lyrics and the newcomer Billie Eilish, a new age artist known for her unique sound and artistic vision. Maya Manuela has a new song on the way to be on the lookout for called “New Shoes” which is already available for presave now! Fans and followers of Maya Manuela are eagerly awaiting the release of “New Shoes” and are excited to see what the emerging singer-songwriter has in store for them. To make things easier we advise you stream and follow Maya Manuela below RIGHT NOW and additionally provide your email on her website “” to sign up for her newsletter to be upmost certain you’ll be the first to receive news and updates surrounding everything around Maya. With her clear talent and growing fanbase, Maya Manuela is an artist to watch out for! For your convenience we’ve included some of her most important links below!

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