Music is Our Permanent Partner Through the Journey Called Life — Raphael Gnn

Raphael Gnn understands why music plays a big part in life’s most meaningful events. Birthdays, weddings, funerals, dances, coming-of-age moments, and holidays all prominently feature music. The reason is simple: music touches our souls and transfers emotions from one person to another. This can be from the artist to the listener or serve as a medium that generates an emotional tone from one person to another.

At a wedding, a couple’s first dance is usually set to a song that is personal to them. They share their story with everyone in attendance at that moment. An artist might have strong views about a socio-political issue and use their music to communicate their thoughts and feelings about this issue. And let’s not overlook those sad, brooding songs that get us through life’s inevitable heartbreaks.

Another powerful feature of music is that in its very nature, it is universal. It appeals to all ages, cultures, and demographics. Older generations marvel when younger ones enjoy the same music they did, and youths can take equal pleasure in sharing their music of choice with those who are older. After all, part of being human is sharing experiences.

Classical music is considered a significant contribution to human history and nothing less than a superb art form. Beethoven gives us an aura of tragic romance while Vivaldi captures the changing of the seasons, and Chopin was a master of elegance. These composers spoke volumes without a single word. Today’s musicians master rhythm and lyrics to tell a more specific story, but one that also has an emotional impact.

Perhaps the most potent form of music is enjoying it live. Raphael Gnn adores the energy one feels at a concert when people from all walks of life have gathered for the common purpose of watching an artist perform on stage. The energy is as undeniable as it is infectious and creates amazing memories. Everyone there is connected at that moment, and Raphael calls that a beautiful thing.

No matter what your preferred genre, music connects us as it speaks to our souls and guides us through the wild ride that is life. Raphael Gnn cannot fathom a world without music, and fortunately, we will likely never know what kind of void that would create for humanity.

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