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DreamRich DreMo was born in Fayetteville, NC and was raised in Columbia, SC. Throughout DreamRich DreMo’s time in high school he preferred smoking weed and writing music. DreamRich DreMo’s connection to music was inherent as far back as his time with his late grandfather, who was best friends with David Ruffin of The Temptations. Before Ruffin’s passing, he became Godfather to DreamRich DreMo’s first aunt. Despite their personal struggles, DreamRich DreMo consistently recognized and appreciated his mother’s love for family; more specifically uplifting her family every chance she had and working to end the cycle of poverty. Quickly, DreamRich DreMo realized his mother would do anything to make his and their lives better. In contrast, DreamRich DreMo experienced a home invasion from some of those closest to him. With convincing from a longtime friend and now business partner, DreamRich DreMo made the decision to pack up everything and move to Atlanta, GA. There, DreamRich DreMo connected and worked with up and coming artists, further perfecting his craft. DreamRich DreMo’s sound, his vibe and his truth are now his passion.DreamRich DreMo is an artist-to-watch. “Walk” heads into the artist’s highly-anticipated 2022 album, which is slated to feature several notable names like Foogino. Before its release, stay tuned for everything DreamRich DreMo on social media. Courtesy of DreamRich Entertainment, feel free to give DreMo’s new single a listen above and below.Instagram link Music:

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