Prove Sits Down With Astarrboy

Hot and new musician known as Astarrboy, Arman Changulyan, began to make music at age 15 and has grown in the music industry gaining momentum through social media.  A lot of what makes Astarrboy stand out is his originality and unique sound. This didn’t always come easy. His story is one that shows how much hard-work and effort will pay off. 

Today, he has thousands of fans who keep up with his work and music on Instagram as well as over 100K listens on major streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. The artist describes his recent successes as a by-product of his dedication and commitment to the craft he has chosen. Astarrboy explains, “I have considered the  colossal development as a musician, as an aftereffect of my diligent effort. I proceed to improve and learn, and my streams keep on expanding. I’ve additionally taken in the significance of social media, particularly these days in the music business.” 

His eagerness and focus on his specialty is what led to success, qualities that he carries forward to his latest work for this year  developing and planning to grow even more. He plans to build upon his online presence with a Youtube Channel in the works – where viewers have more of a chance to experience the work and lifestyle behind-the-scenes content.

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