Rising From South Ogden: The Journey of Josh Smith AKA William Smitterson

Inspiration can strike from the most unexpected places. For rapper, writer, and multi-talented artist Josh Smith, the journey from South Ogden, Utah, to carving out his unique space in the world of music has been nothing short of inspirational. Known in the music world as William Smitterson, he is the creative force behind Pusillanimous Records and the artist name Writer #1. In a recent interview, we delved into his background, influences, and upcoming projects, showcasing how he’s not just making music but also inspiring others along the way.

The Genesis of a Creative Journey

Josh Smith’s journey in the music world began at a young age. “I’ve been writing lyrics my entire life and competitively rapping since my early teens,” he shared. His passion for music started early and has only grown stronger over the years. His first project, “William Smitterson Production part 1,” was the inception of what would become a promising career.

Musical Influences that Shape His Sound

Smith’s music is a fusion of various genres, with a strong foundation in rap. His diverse influences play a pivotal role in shaping his unique style. When asked about his inspirations, he listed artists as diverse as Chris LeDoux, Chuck Berry, Jethro Tull, Pharoahe Monch, Ransom, Eminem, Joe Budden, Dag Nasty, Blink 182, and many more. This wide-ranging influence is a testament to his ability to create music that transcends boundaries.

Independence and Ambitions

Pusillanimous Records, Smith’s own label, is where his creativity finds its home. He’s working on releasing a personal catalog on the label and an independent art project. When asked about his aspirations regarding record deals, he’s open to the idea of a major deal, but with a twist: “It would have to be an entirely new artist name that is created by myself and the label. This would be more beneficial and profitable for both parties due to my three catalogs being set in stone as far as location.”

A One-Man Show

Smith’s independence is a defining feature of his career. He’s not only the face of his music but also the creative force behind it. He proudly claims, “I have written everything. I have produced most of my stuff, but have and am starting to branch out more production-wise.”

Upcoming Projects and Excitement

The future is bright for Josh Smith, with a plethora of projects on the horizon. His latest release, “Rock it with me,” under Pusillanimous Records, showcases his commitment to making waves in the music industry. As for what’s next, he’s got a busy November lined up with multiple releases under the artist name Writer #1.

From Basements to Beyond

Smith’s journey has taken him from basement party performances to the prospect of larger audiences. While he hasn’t done any large gigs yet, he’s poised for more significant stages. With his diverse catalog and charisma, he’s ready to fit in anywhere.

In-House Production and Collaborations

The music production is a collaborative effort with producers like CKBeats and AnjruAdams, but Smith also takes the reins himself. His diverse skill set ensures that his music remains authentic and true to his artistic vision.

Looking Ahead

When asked about his vision for the future, Smith humbly admits, “I have zero clue but I know I’ll be rapping.” This unwavering determination is what propels him forward, ready to embrace the unknown.

Inspiring Through Music

Smith’s music is more than just beats and lyrics; it’s a testament to how creativity can transcend boundaries and inspire others. As he continues to explore uncharted territories in the music world, his journey serves as a source of inspiration for anyone with a dream and a passion for making it a reality.

Josh Smith, or William Smitterson, is a testament to the power of perseverance and passion in the world of music. As his latest releases under the artist name Writer #1 approach, we can only expect that his unique blend of influences and talents will continue to inspire those who cross his path. You can follow his musical journey through his YouTube channel: Josh Smith’s YouTube Channel.

In a world where creativity knows no boundaries, Josh Smith’s journey reminds us that it’s not just about where you start, but where your passion and determination can take you. With an ever-growing catalog of music and a vibrant future ahead, he’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of music.

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