Sauce Walka ’90s Throwback “Im Him”

In a refreshing departure from the current hip-hop landscape, Sauce Walka transports listeners to the ’90s with his latest single, “Im Him.” This Texan talent, often underrated, showcases his musical diversity in this three-minute track, available exclusively on YouTube.

It’s not every day you see a collaboration that defies expectations, but Walka’s partnership with Daringer on this project is a stroke of genius. Daringer, known for his work on the Griselda label, brings a smooth, boom-bap flavor that perfectly complements Walka’s lyrical finesse.

“Im Him” serves as a sneak peek into what Walka has in store for 2024, following his 2023 LP, “DAT BOY DEN.” The anticipation builds as fans await the continuation of Walka’s journey through albums named after him.

For those yearning for a taste of the ’90s in today’s hip-hop scene, Sauce Walka’s “Im Him” is a refreshing throwback. With hints of nostalgia and a promise of more to come, this track sets the stage for Walka’s upcoming musical endeavors.

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