Single Focus: Pop singer Lisa Ramey rails against the disconnection we feel from technology on her new single ‘Internet.’

The artist offers a razor-sharp critique of how, by constantly being online, our real-life relationships are suffering. 

New York-based pop-rock and soul artist Lisa Ramey has shared her latest single, ‘Internet,’ which offers a lively pushback against how technology affects our love lives. 

Born in St. Louis, Lisa Ramey became a national figure after she competed on Season 16 of The Voice back in 2019. Her powerful live performances earned her widespread acclaim and meant she was constantly in demand following the show’s conclusion. 

Ramey, a born show woman, took on every significant opportunity that came her way after The Voice finished. This meant that her newfound fanbase was treated to the sight of Ramey performing on the same stage as artists like Ms. Lauryn Hill, as well as legions of other big-name artists. 

Then, as lockdown took effect following the Covid pandemic, Lisa Ramey began live-streaming her gigs to stay connected with millions of people. This led to her teaming up with artists like John Legend, Camilla Cabello, and Common as part of the Global Citizen’s “Together at Home” concert series. As her platform grew, she also made a name for herself as a social justice advocate – even working alongside Vice President Kamala Harris in her advocacy.

As it stands, Ramey has released two albums to date. Her most recent record, Broken Smile, re-imagines the forgotten songs and words of civil rights activist Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, taking these influential records from historical obscurity and breathing new life into them. The album is a thrilling example of how complex history can be beautifully renewed and revitalized under the guidance of the right singer.

On Lisa Ramey’s new track, ‘Internet,’ the artist offers a fitting takedown of all the men who obsess over their online lives – at the expense of ignoring their love lives. This is a buoyant and catchy pop earworm but with a message that is much deeper and more powerful than listeners might expect. 

Speaking about why she made the track, Lisa Ramey said: “It’s not easy going up against technology. People are worried if they’ll have jobs in the future – and I’m worried if a guy will ever look at me again.” 

She insists that while technology has had its obvious benefits for society, the message in her track is that most relationships are suffering due to the disconnect created by it. Passion, affection, and intimacy are all being dulled due to the effects of our obsession with screens. Lisa cries out in the song: “It chokes me, can’t breathe, I think we’re gonna drown/You can no longer see me, and I can’t hear you/Sitting there like a zombie.” 

It is a message that most listeners can relate to – and one that the singer’s romantic interests ignore at their peril….

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