Single Review: How Blake G’s single ‘Number One’ kickstarted a timeless love affair with catchy pop music.

Blake G’s single ‘Number One’ sounds like Enrique Iglesias and the Backstreet Boys got into a recording studio together while an old-school doo-wop producer pulled the strings from the outer control room. Blake G. Impresses  thousands of listeners thanks to his swooning vocals and love affair for pop music. Here’s how ‘Number One’ kickstarted everything.

Deep down in his heart, Blake G. wants to remind people that the world is full of beauty, life, happiness, and—above all—love. 

As an artist, he sings soulfully and genuinely. He’s the type of guy you could imagine wouldn’t feel self-conscious or hesitant about telling a beautiful girl she is lovely. 

This defines the tone of his musical persona. It is also why his single ‘Number One’ is so appealing, along with his unique undeniable charm. 

‘Number One’ is a song about rising above all the jealousy and gossip that sometimes exists in the orbit of genuine human relationships – and simply embracing the person you love and telling them outright where they rank in your heart (in this case, the ranking is No. 1). The song is unabashedly pop-y and unashamedly happy; it sounds like it was made by an artist who has no time for people who treat big, essential life themes – such as love and romance – with cynicism or irony. Blake G’s music is for people who fall headfirst in love and aren’t scared to admit that fact. Its the perfect bop to bring your speakers to the beach for summer 2024.

‘Number One’s release, places Blake G in a position of strength. The Miami artist has partnered with Latin legend Emilio Estefan for his debut EP. Since then, he has ploughed and released more delightful R&B-pop hits. 

He has also been active as a live performer – with his performances often serving as pivotal markers in his career development. A TV slot on Univision’s Despierta America proved to be a watershed moment in his musical growth. Following this, Blake became a support act for one of his prime music inspirations, The Backstreet Boys – an experience he called “life-changing.” Aside from The Backstreet Boys, Blake G. has also opened for other major artists, such as En Vogue and Stephanie Mills. 

2023 was another big year for Blake G., as he released the undeniably great singles ‘Baby Went Missing,’ ‘Forever,’ and ‘The One For Me.’ His progression has been remarkable – and he still has much to share in the years ahead….

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