What Makes ForTheRush Different In The Industry?  

What is your name/stage name?

Where are you from?
I’m from Nairobi, Kenya.
The city under the sun.

What do you do?
I’m a music producer. I also enjoy drawing from time
to time as it’s been my hobby for as long as I can remember.

How long have you been making music?
My music production journey started in 2018 and I have been
learning ever since. It only recently that I have started
releasing my productions.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?
This is a difficult question to pin down since I have several
artists that have influenced my outlook on music. However, the
biggest source of inspiration has to be Avicii as his music is
personal to me.

What genre of music do you create?
My main area of focus is Afrobeats but I’m also interested
in EDM, trap, drill and pop.

What was it like working with (collabs?)
At the moment I only have solo projects, I haven’t had the
pleasure of collaborating with other artists.

What are some features you have?
I have none.

What are some features you want to get?
I’m open to working with creative people irrespective of their
size and status. Although a feature from The
Weeknd would be the stuff of dreams.

Who’s one person, dead or alive, that you’d want to work with?
Adele. Her voice gives me chills every time and working with her
will guarantee me a banger. She is also the best artist of our
generation in my opinion.

Are you signed to a label?

Do you want a record deal, a distribution deal or none?
I’m open to the idea of a mutually beneficial deal as I appreciate
the ability of record labels to scale an artist’s reach and open
doors for more opportunities.

Who are your biggest supporters?
My friends. They always there to hype me up.

Where did your name come from?
It comes from my nickname, Karush which is the short form of
my second name Karumba.

What are you currently working on?
I’ve been working on mashups lately as they provide an opportunity
to get extra creative with the vocals and instrumental production.

What is your latest release?
It’s a mashup of popular songs over the instrumental of ‘Sad Sometimes’,
a song by Alan Walker, Corsak and Huang Xiaoyun.

When is your next release?
Very soon. The official date is yet to be confirmed but you can enjoy
my previous creations in the meantime thanks.


Twitter @ForTheRush254

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