Ynm Savage is the Golden Child in his Era!

Ynm Savage is from Los Angeles Watts Ca, and has been trapped in poverty his whole entire life and has lost friends , family and overcame many obstacles yet he’s still able to remain strong and never fold. He spent much of his younger years switching schools throughout different counties. Music has been his passion since a young age, so long ago that he can remember his cousins would record the radio aired music on a cassette tape, “Way back in the day”, says Savage. Savage didn’t get into the music game until about 7 years ago but wasn’t managing and pushing other artists until 2021 when he started his own label allegiance records LLC,thats also when he started pushing his own music and managing others. Savage says this was the time period that he was greatly inspired by “Chief Keef”. He also has been around a couple of Glory Boyz members. He has dropped a recent project titled Took Me Some Time (EP) with 6 hot tracks with one featuring Luwopski from Chop Squad Records. Following the (Ep) he has also released Off My Chest the visual on YouTube what can I say remarkable sounds vocals are off the chart. Savage has appeared on refuse media , has done interviews with Genz Hip Hop , Hip Hop Hundred , Mukonii, Hip Hop News , 10gstv For 2023. His goals are to build up his image , start being more consistent with craft, and to do whatever it takes for my voice to be heard . Will be selling merchandise, performing, and touring says Savage, he will be the face of L.A. Currently he has upcoming shows December 29th via end of the world party , 1/7/23 via- the rep up . Come January a new single will be released called Built A Haven featuring King Mally , Unknownjay with other features that are yet announced. https://youtu.be/grAkXHHUU-U https://open.spotify.com/album/01TR98WE7aHAgN4Un4ySB8?si=iRdt1lbNSqezCgM9uiElyQ Interview : http://www.genzhiphop.com/interview-with-davion-martin-aka-ynm-savage/ EPK: https://www.mukonii.com/post/ynm-savage?fbclid=IwAR01qLRjmIa-SzGSLKIlRKgAd7vb9zycfTRYOdZ0Sj6nI6YxaRIsnMNnHak Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ynm_savage/

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