Alabama’s Own K.Reese 

1.I would describe my music style as unique,inspirational,informative , one of kind and heartfelt. 

  2. The first album I owned was Friday night light by j.Cole 

  1. Before going on stage first thing first is I meditate and work out . Then I turn on uplifting music to get in the right mindset 
  1. If I was to get a beverage of any choice it would be a glass of effen on ice 

5.It’s been a long time coming by Sam cook 

6.My favorite artist is J.Cole 

  1. My first song I created was I am music 

I feel it was a success because for it to be first single it did pretty well and I got a lot of positive feedback . At the same time I could have been a little bit more confident but overall 

It is a great track .

  1. What is the story behind the music …

It’s deeper than the music it’s about me uplifting my brothers and sisters and showing them even when it gets tough as long as you put God first you want lose .

  1. If I had I had to chose between the money and fame it would be the money . The money would help finance my brand to spread the message 
  1. If I had a choice to go to the future or back to the past. I would go back to past and everything i know now I would be smarter and utilize everything I have learned now 

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