A’lencio Graham Making Waves In Music

Former football standout A’lencio Graham has been making his formal transition to music over the last several years. Since the end of his football career, the 26-year-old rapper and entrepreneur, better known as AlencioG, has been bringing his dreams of becoming an artist to fruition. The inception of his love for music is derived from the sound of fellow Atlanta-raised rappers like TI, Gucci Mane, Travis Porter, among others. More recently, Graham draws creative inspiration from the likes of Travis Scott but tips his cap to Drake and notes his ability to evolve and apply his own unique flow to whichever genre of music he deems fit. Alenciog has taken the work ethic he had developed through football and pivoted to the world of music, business, and is continuing his education to this day. In addition to Drake, Graham gives props to his producer, “Hi Key!” as well as rap duo Ayo & Teo, who recently collaborated with Graham on a project. A’lencio also made a point to show love to his family for being his reason to get up and move every day. Graham is still on the hunt to sign with a label and is fueled by his dream of owning his own someday. As a businessman, Graham has collaborated with premier names including Rick Ross, Young Thug, and Lil Dirk to name a few. At one time, A’lencio Graham made plays for the Furman University Paladins football team. These days, he goes by Alenciog, and he continues to work diligently on his way to making bangers for all appreciators of strong vibes and tight flows. You can follow A’lencio Graham on Instagram and be sure to check out his newest EP “No Title” dropping just in time for the first week of August 2022. 

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