Breaking Through The Noise: Interview With Dakoda Craft

Breaking Through The Noise: Interview With Dakoda Craft

Q.) What separates “Dakoda Craft” from other artists in your part of the music scene?

A.) “Something that separates me from other artists would honestly have to be in real. I don’t fake shit. Shit I say on my music is always true!! Now in some of my upcoming tracks like “Greg” it’s comedy so I had fun with it. I do everything solo. And above all I never quit, I just continue to improve.”

Q.) How has 2022 treated you so far?

A.)2022 has been an experience haha. I’ve been in the army and making music so like it’s been fine. I have been meeting new people and my music is getting heard by so many people here at the barracks. It’s been a ride soon I’m expecting to attempt concerts.

Q.) Are there any kooky habits you have that you’d be willing to share?

A.)Honestly not really I just write my mind and go with the vibe I’m feeling. But one thing I can say never say never and always look to what’s next and what’s to come. If you ever have writers block tell yourself you are doing fine and keep writing eventually you will break outta that.

Q.) How do you put words to paper? What is your creative process?

A.)How do I put words to paper? I go by my mood and what’s around me. What Im feeling is what I write about. And sometimes it just naturally comes to me. Like I was here at the barracks and was using hand sanitizer yep that’s right haha. And I started freestyling off the top first it was corny. “I have to sanitize, I don’t wanna die, from COVID 1 9,/” it’s stupid but I started freestyling off of that and wrote it down what I could remember anyways and it turned to straight fire. Everyone in these barracks were shocked how could it came out from some silly line like above haha.

Q.) If you had to sacrifice one skill, what would that be and why?

A.) If I had to sacrifice 1 skill it would be what I learned from the army as a scout. Because, music is my life and I will never quit writing and recording.

Q.) When it comes to performing, what can one expect from you?

A.)I haven’t really had the chance to perform besides a few old music videos I made of myself forever ago on my old laptop. But something I will say is when I do perform on stage. It will be lyrical and I am always willing to find and discover new talent. I will get to know some people just so they feel comfortable with who I am.

Q.) How did you come to realize that music was the way forward for you?

A.) I started writing at the age of 6 and it was poetry first. Then suicide came to my mind because, my childhood sucked I use to get abused and shit. So, at the age of 10 I turned it from poetry to hip hop and it always makes me feel amazing when I’m recording something new. Music has always been my passion, and nobody will ever take that away from me. People have tried and failed.

Q.) What project are you most proud of so far?

A.) I don’t have any I’m most proud of but to choose one I will say releasing my first EP.

Q.) What is the most accurate description of your music taste?

A.) Anything that’s real and old school Hip-Hop. I like melodic hip hop as well.”

Q.) What is something you learned from in the past that you can teach other aspiring rappers?

A.)Watch who you trust mofuckers are always out there trying to screw people over. Regardless if you believe you are good friends or not. Your best friend can be your worst enemy. Don’t let anyone bring you down.

Q.) Point blank. Why do you make music?

A.) Music is my passion.

Q.) Are there any note-worthy nonmusical related ventures taking place in your personal life?

A.) Yeah actually living the life as a Cav Scout haha.

Q.) What note do you want to end it on? 

A.) Stay gold and never say never. You can do anything you out your mind too.

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