Celly Irez Releases New Video “BITTER SWEET”

Celly Irez, a 22-year-old independent artist from Las Vegas, Nevada, is carving himself a nice pocket in the music industry. Hailing from what he refers to as “The Wild West”, Celly has embraced the concept of being a ‘DIY’ artist- writing, producing, engineering, and marketing his own music, and designing and editing his own visuals & graphics. Amassing more than 50+ Million streams across all streaming platforms, versatility plays a huge part in his discography. He boasts over 300 released songs ranging from hard trap to soft rock & even latin. On top of music, Celly Irez has introduced livestreaming on Youtube to his career, allowing him to connect directly with his supporters, and also create content live before releasing.

Self taught, and creating since 2015, Celly comes well equipped to compete in the present day industry from the comfort of his home. Don’t be quick to count him out though, where some, if not most, artists usually need a team of experienced professionals to help create their vision, Celly thrives doing it all himself. If you’ve ever wanted to see an artist release quality, complex, content in a rapid pace, then look no further. Celly plans to remain independent and keep a consistent output of music & other content coming throughout 2022 while he works on what he considers his ‘home run’ project, San Diablo Interactive.
To keep up with Celly, the best method is to visit his website at www.cellyirez.com, or to simply google search ‘Celly Irez’.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWdXumj_1CU

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cellyirez/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cellyirez

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