Cole Zamira better known as “Cole Z”

1. What’s your name?

Cole Zamira

2. Where are you from?

Tacoma, Wa.

3. How old are you?     


4 .When did you start making music


5. How serious are you about your career?

Serious enough to run it till I die.

6. Have you ever thought about quitting music?

No, music is endless whether you make it or not.

7. Who inspires you the most?

My family, I was adopted into a family that gave me the opportunity necessary to put me where I am today.

8. What got you into making music?

Riding around with my brother Troy when I was younger listening to Eminem, Biggie, Tupac, Ludacris etc. with them subs bangin in the trunk.

9.Who is your favorite producer?

Dr. Dre. West Coast hiphop stamped my heart baby.

10. What is one of your best songs/beats?

It would have to be between, “My Own Lane” “Fluid” “Not You” and “Cool Wit It.”

11. Are you signed to a record or label?

No. Currently represent myself under Z LYFE

12. Have you ever performed?

Multiple times. On the west coast and east coast.

13. Who would you most likely collaborate with?

Anyone raw or willing to work.

14. If you could open for any artist who would it be?

Eminem. Someone other than that would be J Cole for sure.

15. What’s next for you?

Promote my current album, working on two other mixtapes with local producers and currently beginning to perform Locally again

– Cole Z

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