Exclusive: 1 On 1 Interview with Atlanta’s Most Promising Talent | The Ever Evolving – Paytience

  1. Q.) To start, why don’t you introduce yourself?
    A) I go by the name ‘Paytience’.
  2. Q.) Where are you from?
    A) Atlanta.
  3. Q.) What are some of your biggest musical influences?
    A) I’d have to say artist like Childish Gambino, Erykah Badu, and Kendrick Lamar are some of my biggest influences. I’ve always enjoyed merging genres and experimenting with different fusions with Hip-Hop, Neo Soul, Jazz, Blues and even Indietronica and some EDM.
  4. Q.) How would you describe your musical style and sound?
    A) I describe myself as a “Soul Rapper” or “Trip-Hop” artist. Focusing on lyricism and storytelling, with a fusion of different instruments and genres mostly highlighting Jazz, Blues, Neo Soul, and downtempo.
  5. Q.) Can you walk us through your creative process?
    A) I usually listen to the instruments and “allow the sounds to tell me what to say” I’ve always been big on making music based on what the instruments are making me feel, and from there I let the magic happen. It’s a sort of synestia I experience.
  6. Q.) What message or themes do you try to convey through your music?
    A) I’m big on motivation, perseverance through struggle, independence and self-love, strength in vulnerability.
  7. Q.) Can you tell us about your latest project/album/single and the inspiration behind it?
    A) My debut single is called ‘CIRCA 2019’ and the inspiration behind it was to shine a light that I will never be perfect, and that if in hurting about something, no matter how small I’m still “healing”. I wanted my first song to represent being great and imperfect and share what that looked like for me in 2019 and how it shaped me into who I am now in 2023.
  8. Q.) Can you speak to any collaborations or features you’ve worked on?
    A) I’m currently not working on any features but I am releasing a new series soon that I’m considering having some notable features on.
  9. Q.) How do you stay inspired and motivated as an artist?
    A) I remind myself that my art is bigger than me and just self-expression, that its bigger than me and to have positive impact on the world keeps me inspired every day.
  10. Q.) How do you use social media and online platforms to promote your music and engage with your fans?
    A) I’m mostly active on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to name a few but i use reels and short form content alongside with doing contest and remixes to different drummers and multi-instrumentalists.
  11. Q.) How do you maintain authenticity and individuality in your music?
    A) I always remind myself the only competition i have is myself. Making sure I’m focusing on impact and not popularity and purpose over praise.
  12. Q.) How do you balance your personal life with your music career?
    A) Honestly, it’s a tough balancing act. It’s such a big part of my life but mainly I just make sure I spend time with loved ones, do hobbies like basketball and tennis, and spend time in prayer.
  13. Q.) Can you describe any milestones or turning points in your career?
    A) A turning point was when I met my main engineer and saw he was fully on board with my vision and had to level of dedication to his craft to match the quality I felt was needed for my music. Another turning point was the first time a crowd sung my lyrics with me even though it was there first time listening to me.
  14. Q.) Can you speak to any personal experiences you’ve shared through your music?
    A) Yes ‘Circa 2019’ was loaded with personal experiences and getting so much feedback from ‘strangers’ or fans I’ve never met of how healing and uplifting it made them feel from what they’ve been through, me speaking about what most see as provocative or private subjects empower me.
  15. Q.) Can you describe any long-term goals or aspirations you have for your music career?
    A) To reach as many ears as possible that are willing to receive my message, and go on at least 5 international tours, and have a show with 10 thousand people there!
  16. Q.) What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
    A) That it’s okay to change, it’s okay to be more than average, and that self-love is key in long term happiness, and more than anything, not letting anyone steal your joy.
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