Meet The Emerging Star Making Albany, Georgia Proud, Monty Starr |Exclusive Interview|

  1. Q.) Why don’t you start by introducing yourself?
    A.) ” Monty Starr
  2. Q.) Where are you from?
    A.) I’m from Albany, Georgia; Da 9 if you will.
  3. Q.) What are some of your biggest musical influences?
    A.) My music is heavily influenced by Lil Wayne, Nicki, J Cole, Lil Nas X for sure, Tyler The Creator; the list goes on and on.
  4. Q.) How would you describe your musical style and sound?
    A.) My musical style described would definitely be that hip hop trab vibe, with a lil bit of pop and sass. Yep, trap, pop and sass.
  5. Q.) Can you walk us through your creative process?
    A.) Honestly? I find a beat that I haven’t heard by of by anyone if I’m not already remixing or freestyling a beat, and I listen to it for at least a day straight. After that it’s full charge and I’m tackling the song by that 2nd day.
  6. Q.) What message or themes do you try to convey through your music?
    A.) That no matter who you are, you can make it. You’re GONNA make it. You WILL make it. No matter who you like, what you like, what you look like, if you feel you’re destined for greatness then what’s stopping you other than yourself? You’re your own fckin competition.
  7. Q.) Can you tell us about your latest project/album/single and the inspiration behind it?
    A.) Uhhh “Scrimmage” was literally the very first song I recorded in an actual studio. It was the night before and I didn’t want to record the specific song I wrote already because my nerves were on my asssssss. So, I found a beat on motherfcking YouTube of all places (typical right?), probably was the hardest beat I’ve ever heard, and the shit was on fcking YOUTUBE. So yeah, found the beat at 2am, and wrote about 80% of the song. I was feeling like it was giving “bad bitch, but yknow … I’m still a nigga” vibes and the song oozed confidence. Went to work the next day, anxious as hell and skrted to the studio as quickly as possible. Get there and find out the song was never finished. So, I only had one more section to finish and I was like ahh yesss “I’m my own enemy, this shit like a scrimmage” and Scrimmage was born.
  8. Q.) Can you speak to any collaborations or features you’ve worked on?
    A.) I haven’t worked on any collabs YET, stay tuned ;).
  9. Q.) How do you stay inspired and motivated as an artist?
    A.) Honestly by being delusional. I just remember that no matter what, what I’m accepting as my current vision and life isn’t my life and in order to change that I had to switch the narrative and lie to myself in a way until one day it comes true.
  10. Q.) How do you use social media and online platforms to promote your music and engage with your fans?
    A.) I honestly don’t have a special formula, I post, interact with the one who interact with me, we have a good time, rinse and repeat haha.
  11. Q.) How do you maintain authenticity and individuality in your music?
    A.) Simple. When I have a feeling that I’m pushing the society image threshold, I smile and push harder.
  12. Q.) How do you balance your personal life with your music career?
    A.) If I’m not sleeping or meditating or doing yoga or working, I’m in the lab cooking.
  13. Q.) Can you describe any milestones or turning points in your career?
    A.) This ride is just getting started, I can’t say that I have any milestones yet.
  14. Q.) Can you speak to any personal experiences you’ve shared through your music?
    A.) I can’t speak too much on it now, because it’s still in my arsenal and I haven’t released it yet, but there is definitely a project that I’m holding on to that explains the life of Monty to a tee, so stay locked in.
  15. Q.) Can you describe any long-term goals or aspirations you have for your music career?
    A.) The day I’m making enough money to support my lifestyle and the ones around me from music, I know I reached my dream and goal in life.
  16. Q.) What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
    A.) That you can be weird and still be yourself at the same time. It’s a little harder because of your inner self saboteur but it’s possible.
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