From practicing on Pots and Pans as a 3-Year-Old to Becoming a Top Drummer: The Landon Hall Story

If you have a burning passion for something and practice it consistently from a young age, you are bound to continue it into a successful career, as proven by Landon Hall. 

Landon Hall is a 29-year-old drummer, musical entrepreneur, and two times business founder living in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Landon’s love for drumming did not happen at school or even on a real drum kit set. Instead, it started with him growing up, finding anything he can to bang on and making musical tunes from it. 

Growing up, Landon has been banging pots and pans since the age of three in his parents’ kitchen. After acknowledging his passion for creating musical tunes, Landon’s parents got him his first drum set at the age of nine. Since, Landon has never looked back and has grown his passion into a successful career. 

Landon Hall is not only a drummer and singer-songwriter, but he is also the proud founder of two businesses. One is his Music City Drum Show, a drum show trade event in Nashville. The other is Diemond Star, a drumstick store that proudly produces the best drumsticks on the market. 

Landon’s story proves how if you continue your passion and hobbies, while never giving up, you can turn them into your full-time career. With the right mindset and practice, you can make a career out of something you love. Landon can now share his passion and practice with the world through his music, trade show, and products. 

Throughout his career, Landon has worked with incredible musicians such as Desmond Star to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He has continuously practiced and pursued his passions from the age of three and due to that, has achieved incredible successes.

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