Interview with Eric Stephens

Meet Rello and Famous, also known as Terrell Cole Jr and Eric Stephens Jr. respectively. They hail from East St. Louis, Illinois, and have been making music since the tender ages of 12 and 13. Now aged 29 and 30, they are serious about their music career and have never thought of quitting.

The two are inspired by the struggle of growing up in their city and feel that rapping is the best way to share their story with the world. Their favorite producer is Waveeyyyy, and one of their best songs is “Memories,” which they believe everyone can relate to. They are not signed to any record label but have performed in the past, although currently, they are more focused on creating visuals and getting their music heard by the right people.

When asked about collaborations, they mentioned the possibility of working with Twista or an old gee. If they could open for any artist, they would choose Drake, Lil Wayne, or Lil Baby, as they are currently trending. As for what’s next for them, Rello and Famous hope to gain recognition and make money, as they believe that their city is waiting for someone to blow up, and they hope to be that someone.

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