Interview with Kasseem Burch Aka “Byrd Stay Low.”

My government is Kasseem Burch but way better known as Byrd StayLow Aka Mr low Key AKA Mr Stay low til you come up!!
2. I’m from New London CT born and raised NL til I die 
3. Just turned 30 a few weeks agoSomehow I made it this far lol
4. Shyt I been writing since 4/5th gradeRecorded my first song in like 6/7th grade
Put out my first mixtape at like 18
But as far as I’m a serious level I been doing it for like around 6 yrs That’s like investing , traveling, and really giving it my all!! 
5. Serious as a heart attack But Naa fr I do this is my lifeIt’s to the point now it’s hard to imagine myself not doing music It’s what I’m known for ! 
6. Most definitely. I have a few timesThere’s times I fee I ain’t get the support I deserve or I wanted, or even times I felt like I was doing it all alone and it was almost impossible, now I got a team a manager and a full support system of people who got my back 
7. My family inspires me, my son, my mom and dadMy sisters, my teamMy boys / brothersShyt life itself , all my struggles That’s what inspires me the most at this point in my life ! 
8. My love and passion for music and the culture.Also my struggles and pains , writing music was always therapeutic for me. My sister used to make music and perform so I remember being younger thinking I wanted to do that one day. Also some of my favorite artist also influenced me and had a hand in me wanting to make music. I can remember going to see get rich or die trying and going straight home to write a verse after. 
9. This is a good one. Not sure if I have a single favorite producer but I have a few I think are extremely dope. Here are some I would love to work with.  London on the track, Swiss beats , harry fraud cus I’m a big sample guy, and Kanye west. There’s a ton more but this is just the first ones that came to mind. 
10. One of my best songs is definitely “Work It”.It’s different than what some people would originally expect from me. It’s a dancehall vibe that’s extremely catchy. An upbeat radio club song that is perfect for radio play. 
11. I am an independent artist. However me and some close friends did start our own record label called “The Home Team” or (THT) for short. 
12. All I do is perform. I’ve opened up for Dave east twice including one this past February. I’ve performed at SXSW in TX, I just recently performed in front of Capella Grey in Brooklyn NY last week. Me and my team are fortunate  enough to be getting booked up like crazy these days . 
13.  I would definitely love collaborate with some of my favorite artist. People like Wayne , cole, boogie, Durk, drake, chris brown just to name a few. But these are also artist that I think I would sound good together with as well. 
14. If I could open up for any artist it would definitely be drake. I know his fan base is crazy and everyone is Gon be tuned in. 
15. What’s next for me is pushing the fck out my album meaning tons of videos , interviews and more shows. Got some more features coming and hopefully performing at rolling loud this year!! 

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