Introducing Cashfedd, The Next Hit Maker Out Of Los Angeles

Cashfedd is a multi talented 24 year old hip hop artist based out of Los Angeles California and quickly moving up in the industry. For 4 years now Cash has been recording music and collaborating with many different kinds of artists all across the globe and making a name for himself in the hip hop underground. As a child he always idolized the rap greats and promised to follow in their footsteps by living the fast life style he chose as he grew. His favorite rapper in particular was Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey’s influence had a tremendous impact on Cash and helped mold him into the artist and man he is today. Cash’s lyrics embody one of a man centered around family. He mentions his love for them numerous times throughout his tracks and is motivated by the idea of having his family celebrate his success with him someday. Cash states “I believe in the craft of my music because what I speak about, is real life, and I want to be able to set a good example as well as a positive tone for the youth as I continue to live a boss lifestyle and care for my family at the same time”. With hit tracks like “Blue Strips” and “Cold War part 1” gaining traction, Cashfedd continues to prove his doubters wrong and make his family proud. Cash has also told us of his intentions to drop an album soon and if it is anything like his songs that are out currently, we can only imagine that the sky is the limit for this young superstar. I would advise anyone reading this to give Cashfedd a listen and stay in touch with his campaign as he continues on his successful journey into stardom. 



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