Minneapolis’s own Mr Python is making moves.

Whats Your Name?My Name Is Teizhjoun Tamar Smith But I Go By Mr Python Or Python . 

Where Are You From?Im From North Minneapolis, MN And It Is A Struggle Out Here Everyone Has There Own Image And Sight For Things So Everyone Does Not Like Everything That Is Made And Put It Out Living In Minneapolis It Is Hard To Grab A Crowd And Keeping Them Cause Just Cause They Listen Once Does Not Mean They Will Continue …

How Old Are You Im Currently 17 years Old Turning 18 November 30th

When Did You Start Making Music My Past Is My Music My Past Is A Horror , Pain ,Abuse Etc….My Past Has And Still Does Cost Alot Of Depression And I Use To Harm Myself And Do Heavy Drugs Do To Those Things But Then I Found Music I Was Listening To Ne-Yo And Instantly Fell In Love With The Styles. My Past Has Caused Me To Be The Musician I Am Today And I Am Not Thankful For It But It Has Brought Me To Success And I Will Continue To Push No Matter What. Everything I Write Now Is What Happens In Life On The Daily Now,I Cannot Lie In My Music Or It Will Never Be Real.

How Serious Do You Take Your Career?I Take My Career Very Serious All My Friends And Family Know Music Is My Only Passion And The Way For Me To Escape The Darkness That I’ve Been In , Music Is My Full Time Job.
Have You Ever Thought About Quitting MusicI Have Never Thought About Quitting Music I Mostly Think About How I Can Expand My Mind With The World And Share Some Of My Talent .
Who Inspires Me The Most?My Biggest Inspirations Are ( Ne-Yo , Juice WRLD , The Kid Laroi ,Billie Eillish And XXXTentacion ) Its A Blend Of Different But The Same Music Just Spoken From Different Journeys.
What Got You Into Making Music?Well Its Actually Unexpected The Way I Picked Up , So Im Adopted And My Dad Has Owned A Dance Team Since Like 2012 And I Use To Always Go To His Practice With Him And I Would Just Have To Sit There And Wait From Like 5-8 So I Kind Of Just Started Digging Some Of The Music I Heard And It Was Ne-Yo’s Track ” Beautiful Monster ” That Caught My Attention And So I Went On Looking For Beats And Heard Different Sounds But For Some Reason Heartbreak Music Was The Music I Was Best At Creating Due To The Stress And Pain I Have Been Through In My Life And Since 2016 I’ve Been Gaining And Losing Pain And Hurt From Then To Now And That’s When I Can Produce The Best Song.
Who Is Your Favorite Producer?My Favorite Producer Is ” Daniar Beats ” and ” Ross Gossage ” Because They Know How To Come Up With A Hit .
What Is One Of Your Best Songs/Beats?One Of My Best Songs That Can Really Help You Understand Is Called ” Life Letter’s” Along With Some Of The New Upcoming Releases I Have.https://soundcloud.com/mr_python/life-letters

Are You Signed To A Record Or Label?No I Haven’t Locked In With Any Major Labels Yet But Im Ready To Connect And Tour And Take The Next Steps . But I Am On A Publishing Deal With ” Spaced Out Studios Entertainment ” 
Have You Ever Performed?I Have Done Over Hundreds Of Shows From Big Stages To Small Birthday Party’s.

Who Would You Most Likely Like To Collaborate With?I’d Love To Work With Either Billie , Kid Laroi , Iann Dior , Doja Cat Actually You Know What Honestly Anybody In The Industry Who’s Ready To Lock In With Me .

If You Could Open For ANy Artist Who Would It Be?I’d Love To Open For The Kid Laroi 

Whats Next For You?Time Well Honestly Tell What’s Next For Me , I Stop Making The Plan In My Head Cause Time Never Arranged With It . 

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