Music Triggers My Hyper Creative Mind- How Cortez G. West Curates New Art

In the modern world of music, it is almost seen as a badge of honor to have an eclectic taste in a myriad of music genres. From rap to R&B to dance to rock, the old days of aligning oneself to a tribe in thrall to the genre are long gone. Despite the technical difference between each style of music, a question persists: how does an artist come up with creative, musical ideas, conceive a structure and build a song that works effectively to affect the human mind?

Cortez G. West says that music triggers his hyper-creative mind. Professionally, he is a producer and creative director. Cortez G. West is the founder of CWest Productions, a business that offers high-end creative services from all forms of marketing, producing commercial and digital content, and nurturing the talent of modern-day creatives. His work involves creating content for artists, and he only envisions coming up with productions that will be around forever. This is an endeavor that requires him to have a good sense of judgment with other curators and know who would be the right fit for the right project.

Scientists have proven to us that music can improve our cognition, learning, and memory. Over the years of working as a creative Producer, Cortez G. West has come to the conclusion that listening to music while working can enhance divergent thinking. This is particularly true when he is listening to stimulating and complex music. West has worked with notable names in the entertainment industry, from Brandy, Drake, Earth Wind & Fire, Letoya Luckett to Missy Elliott and Sisqo to name a few. All of these artists have unique brand identities and music styles. Every time he interacts with them during production and listens to their music, his creative thinking and problem-solving abilities are triggered. Immediately after, his mind wanders into a world of imagination. It is at this point that he gets creative, allowing himself to flow through various thoughts without conscious control.

Cortez G. West says that he always lets the musical beat sync with his heartbeat. It has to be the right type of music at times. In an effort to ensure he remembers everything he thought about, he practices journaling. By noting down all ideas, he is able to analyze them on a future date to make sense of everything. This gives him an opportunity to curate new art, philosophies, and work processes. He adds that music keeps him motivated, it is a form of therapy that can orchestrate his feelings.

Cortez G. West advises that we should try to listen to music that increases our arousal to creativity. But most importantly, to those that will put you in a good mood to work better and harder.

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