ALAN KITCHIN Proves Himself In Law 

The responsibility of a lawyer is not just to provide legal advice. They play the role of a representative of their clients and help them gain justice and fairness through their law expertise. A lawyer works as an officer of the legal system. A lawyer is a representative of their client and an adviser who performs many functions. They advise their clients about what legal actions they should take and advise on their rights and obligations. If they are acting as an Advocate both in the United States and England, the defendant is innocent “until proven guilty,” and it is the duty of an Advocate to effectively argue their client’s case before a Jury. There are numerous lawyers who aim to provide their services for the noble cause of serving people. One prominent name among other high-profile lawyers is Alan Kitchin – a British lawyer and legal advisor.

There are various types of lawyers, and each type focuses on different niches. Criminal experts provide their services in criminal cases and help their clients get justice under the law. Then, there are family lawyers who provide legal advice on family issues like divorce. There are Trust lawyers, lawyers experts in shipping law, and some who concentrate on litigation. Some are experts in corporate and commercial law. Alan Kitchin is one of these and has particular expertise in international cross-border commercial and project matters. 

The corporate lawyer’s responsibility is slightly different from other lawyers. When a corporate lawyer works for a company, he represents the corporate entity, not the employees or shareholders. A company is treated as a person under the law, and therefore, company owners need to hire corporate lawyers to make sure their company performs all its legal duties and obligations.

A corporation is treated as a person under the law. The legal treatment of the corporation is separate from its shareholders, employees, and owners.

Like any other lawyer, corporate lawyers do not spend most of their time in courtrooms. Instead, they focus on transactional activities. For example, they assist a company in acquiring or selling another company. They will also assist in the drafting of contracts. The contracts may include everything from multi-billion dollars to lease agreements. Companies approach their lawyers before making important decisions, such as mergers and acquisitions. In addition, corporate lawyers also assist the companies in corporate governance, securities, and venture capital. 

 Alan Kitchin, who was a University Law Scholar at Cambridge University, is a qualified English lawyer (what they call in England a Solicitor). He is unusual as he has worked as a lawyer on three continents. He worked in New York with the international law firm Freshfields. He was then a senior corporate partner at Ashurst, another major international firm. He then became Managing Partner of their Asia practice and a qualified foreign lawyer in Japan (a Gaikoku Jimu bengoshi).

Alan has been the lead lawyer on many international takeovers and acquisitions, including the sale by NEC of its tablet business to Lenovo and the building of the Chittagong port in Bangladesh. He has great connections with various local counsels worldwide. He was chairman of the Law Asia Committee on International projects and co-author of a book on International Trade published by the American Law Institute. He has lectured on international law at Stanford University.

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