An Exclusive Interview with “Side By Side” fame Joatheplug

For those who have a burning passion for celebrity style, sneakers, and hype music, you may have heard of Joatheplug. With a fast growing online following and celebrity at such a young age, we had to find out more about his talent and entrepreneurship in an exclusive interview. 

Joatheplug’s real name is Joa Enkin. Yet, most people know him as Joetheplug. At just 17 years old, Joa has made huge success for himself. He is Toronto born and Miami raised, which are both popular places for popular faces. 

Joatheplug’s career started by selling sneakers to famous celebrities such as Lil Pump, Trippie Red, and Polo G. He connected with celebrities through social media. Since this and through showcasing his love for fashion, he has also grown a well-established Instagram following of over 150,000. 

As well as selling shoes to celebrities and growing a fast online presence, Joa has also released some music. Alike her personality and style, he performs modern hype music, which he has dedicated a lot of time and effort to. 

Joatheplug’s most recent and most popular hit, “Side By Side”, is now available to stream online. Not only is he due to be a big face in the sneaker and Instagram game, but also the music industry to now.

Being brought up in Miami, attaining success online and being involved with some of America’s top hip-hop artists was so close to home. His surroundings and business mind was a clear sign that he needed to act on his dream and go forward with his ideas. It was clearly worth it as Joatheplug is on the path to immense success.

At such a age young, it is very clear how passionate and driven Joa is. With business acumen and social media success, it seems that there is nothing that Joa cannot do. Seeing as there are many famous faces on his resume, as well as supporting his name and business, Joa is on the path for entrepreneurial success. 

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