Cardi B and Patti LaBelle Merge Brands

Cardi B, the Bronx bombshell, is not just conquering the music industry – she’s leaving her mark in the culinary world too. In a surprising collaboration, Cardi joined forces with the legendary Patti LaBelle to merge their brands, Whip Shots vodka whipped cream, and Patti’s Good Life pies.

In a promotional video capturing the dynamic duo’s meeting, Cardi playfully declares that the cream and the pie “have sex together.” The video showcases their trust-building journey as they experiment with the blend of flavors, creating a mouthwatering concoction for their fans to savor.

This collaboration is another testament to Cardi B’s versatility and business acumen. It follows her successful venture with the Museum of Ice Cream, where she introduced the tantalizing Strawberry Whipshots just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Cardi’s ability to seamlessly transition from the music scene to the culinary world sets her apart, proving that her influence extends far beyond the beats and rhymes.

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