Close Friends Of Han the Entity Determined To Raise Donations For Final Living Costs Of 17 Month Old Child

Only 5 Hours After A Hospital Visit Due To Contracting 2 Separate Stomach  Viruses Known As The Rota Virus And The Noro Virus At The Same Time, This  Tough Child Joined Many Cherished Loved Ones In Heaven.

With Set Plans To Attain Much Needed Medical Equipment That Would Have Helped Aid Her To Walk Later In the Day, 17 Month Old Charlotte Rayne Higginbotham  Passed Away After Bearing A Non-Stop Fight, Since The Day She Was Born On Sept  28th, 2021 With An Unshakeable Smile. 

Charlotte In Her Lifetime Had Undergone A Staggering 19 Surgeries, 3 Of  Which Being Open Heart Surgeries. 

She Was A Warrior Who Was Battling An Extremely Rare Form Of A Condition  Called Vacterl Syndrome Known For Its Debilitating Characteristics, Only  Affecting 1 In Every 300,000 Babies. 

Vacterl Syndrome Is A Blanket Term For An Association Of Directly Related  Disorders That Affect Many Body Systems.  

“Vacterl” Stands For Vertebral Defects, Anal Atresia, Cardiac Defects, Tracheo Esophageal Fistula, Renal Anomalies, And Limb Abnormalities.  

People Diagnosed With Vacterl Syndrome Associations Typically Have At Least 3  Of These Characteristic Features. 

Parents Santana And Jeremy Higginbotham For The Past 6+ Months Have Been  Determined In Scaling Their Foundation To Help Charlotte And Many Other Children  In Need Of Treatment Also Suffering From Vacterl Syndrome. 

Having Named It After Charlotte’s Nickname “Charley”,The Charley’s Angels  Vacterl Foundation Is Working With Leaders In Pediatric Medicine, Vacterl  Research, Information Technology, Engineering, Biomedicine, Speech Therapy,  Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Feeding Therapy, And Many Other  Disciplines In An Effort To Integrate Knowledge And Experience In Order To  Establish A Strong Foundation For Victims Of Vacterl Syndrome. 

The Charley’s Angels Vacterl Foundation Is In The Process Of Creating A  National User Group, Collecting Data, Publishing Blogs And Articles, Completing  Case Studies And Evaluating Equipment Innovation Based On The Needs Of Vacterl  Syndrome Survivors.

Local, Regional And National Educational Forums, New Equipment, Information  Exchange And Shared Research Results In Vacterl Syndrome Will Be Accomplished  As Charley’s Angels Vacterl Foundation Continues To Develop A Deeply Networked And Integrated Approach To Interventions, Education And Data Collection For The  Purpose Of Improving Outcomes For Patients, Parents, Families, And Communities. 

This Is The Vision Of The Charley’s Angels Vacterl Foundation.On April 15th Of This Year The Charley’s Angels Vacterl Foundation Is Holding A  Fundraiser To Help Support The Growth Of The Foundation In Addition To The  Fundraiser For Charlottes Final Living Expenses.

Han the Entity Has Been Playing A Small Role In Helping The Charley’s Angels  Vacterl Foundation To Get The Love And Spotlight It Deserves, And To Network With Other Well Established Charity Foundations, Pledging His Support To His Close  Friends On The Front Line Of The Fight Against Vacterl Syndrome. 

If You Wish To Donate To Charlottes Final Life Expenses To Ensure This 17 Month  Old Angel Has A Proper Funeral Please Make Sure To Click This Link:

If You Wish To View Her Obituary And Sign Her Guest Book Or To Share Your  Condolences For Her Family Please Make Sure To Click This Link:

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