Dj Leflare & Forever On Fire Have Plans To Change The Game For Indie Artists

Dj Leflare & Forever On Fire Have Plans To Change The Game For Indie Artists

When it comes to succeeding in any industry as the provider of a product or service, it’s essential to build strong customer relations. Dj Leflare has made this something he can never forget while operating his business. Renowned music industry executive / A&R, Dj & Entrepreneur Leflare says that having good client relations has many advantages, like regularity in business and good organic publicity. 

“It is essential for your clients to know all the terms of your business clearly”, Leflare says as its vital for both parties to understand what is being done for them & how it will benefit them directly. Day to day Leflare focuses on building his artist and those independent / major artist who may also need help growing their platforms or managing their brands. Being in the industry for over 5+ years has given him an advantage when it comes to the knowledge of how things work within the industry. 

From his love for creating music to managing the driving force behind the content that gets it attention, Leflare has developed many artist & helped put out many notable records. Starting his own independent Record Label “Forever On Fire”, Leflare has made it his focus to be the team that every artist needs or desires to be a success. Offering full label services as well as publishing and promotional based incentives, Leflare plans to change the way artist blow up and doing at a much faster rate.

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